Good-Bye From Lawry & Family

Thanks for so Many Good Years!



Lawry's Tavern . . .

.  . . a family owned business since it opened 
June 1, 1937 in its present location,
(previously located across the street in Lincoln Turner Hall from 1934-1937)  
then taken over by their son Lawrence A. Price in October 1959.

Always a family business, for two generations all family members have done their part:

  • Lawry (father) an owner for more than 22 yrs.

  • Justina (mother) an owner, cook, cleaner, and fill in bartender for almost 50 yrs.

  • Lawry (current owner) - has done every job there is to do for
    over 48 yrs.

  • Jackie (wife/present owner) filled in bartending, waitressed and cooked for almost 20 yrs.

  • Veronica (daughter) a dishwasher then waitress for almost 10 yrs.

  • Bob (son-in-law) a substitute cook.

  • Lisa (granddaughter) a calendar stuffer, table setter, busser and dishwasher.

  • Linda (granddaughter) a calendar stuffer, table setter, busser and dishwasher.

  • Stephen (son) a bus-boy/glass washer to start, grew up into a substitute cook and fulltime bartender.

  • Theresa (daughter) a dishwasher and table busser for (9 yrs), also grew up to bartend, waitress and cook.  Still fills in as needed.

  • Rosemary (sister) a helper with everything from her youth cutting the french fries through the present bussing tables.

  • Christine (niece) -a master dish/glass washer (no silverware-please) and all around helper.

  • Edward (nephew) a guest bartender and all around helper.



Pictured:  Lawry, Jackie, Veronica, Stephen & Theresa, 2006

Pictured:  Tina, Lawry, and Lawry, 1939.


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